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K a t e r i n a  F r i d a y  was born in Norilsk, Russia. She moved to Detroit to attend College for Creative Studies, where she focused on handmade animation and illustration. Her current work showcases portrait studies of strangers, drawing inspiration from her background in cinematic arts and visually driven character-development. Katerina paints quickly with oil on paper and board, choosing to focus on the emotion portrayed in her model's faces, rather than the exactness of their features:



“I love painting strangers. It allows me to project my own symbolism and psychology upon an unfamiliar face. When I paint a person who is close or well-known to me, I am much too influenced to depict them in a realistic and likable manner. The result is a creatively restrained, overworked painting. But when I work with strangers, I zero in on the most obvious traits without bias. I paint from photographs. I put down the very essence of the person's aura, processed through my personal emotional lens. The architecture of the model's face, the mood, and the lighting are exaggerated to arrive at the very edge of the undefinable mystery of human character. With a stark, limited palette, my paintings are meant to be atmospheric in nature, emphasizing emotion rather than the subject.”



Katerina's work has been published in literary journals, exhibited locally and nationally, screened in film festivals, and collected internationally.


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